Naked-eye 3D Optical Film

Naked-eye 3D Optical Film

Probright-Naked-eye 3D Optical Film

Probright's advanced naked-eye 3D optical film offers high brightness and clarity. Our lenticular lens technology ensures exceptional 3D visuals and supports sizes from 4 to 32+ inches.

🚩Product advantages
1️⃣ High Brightness - Doubles brightness
2️⃣ Versatile - Customizable from 4 to 32+ inches
3️⃣One-Stop Service: Design to Production

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Probright Naked-eye 3D Optical Film 🚀

Are you looking for high-quality naked-eye 3D optical films? Probright brings you the most advanced Probright Naked-eye 3D Optical Film, meeting all your needs for high brightness and clarity. Our ultra-high-quality cylindrical lens technology not only offers unparalleled visual effects but also caters to various sizes from 4 inches to over 32 inches.

🚩 Product Advantages

1️⃣ High Brightness - Cylindrical lens technology, double the brightness

  • With Probright's Probright Naked-eye 3D Optical Film, you get twice the brightness compared to parallax barrier technology, providing brighter and clearer 3D effects.

2️⃣ Comprehensive Design - From 4 inches to over 32 inches

  • We possess comprehensive design capabilities. Whether you need 4 inches or over 32 inches, we can meet your requirements and provide the most suitable solution.

3️⃣ High Quality - Meets the most stringent demands

  • The Probright Naked-eye 3D Optical Film has undergone multiple quality checks and patent certifications, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards for worry-free use.

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Elevate your 3D experience to the next level! Choose Probright Naked-eye 3D Optical Film to enjoy top-notch visual effects and high-quality service. Order now and experience the most advanced 3D technology, giving your devices a new lease of life!

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Naked-eye 3D Technology

Currently two most popular Naked-eye 3D Technology:

Parallax Barrier only has half of brightness than Lenticular Lens
Probright’s superior 3D Lenticular Lens meets customers’ strictest demand

3D display & solutions

Probright's versatile 3D lenticular lens design capability:

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